Trying to pull it all together

So how busy is at Race To Scotland? – in a nutshell – hectic at the moment. A few weeks ago it felt like there was still lots to do, but the launch date felt some time away. Since then lots of things have fallen in to plac,e but lots of things are still “in progress”. The boat is off the water at the moment getting a few minor modifications with Zest Boatworks, so the big push is on getting all the equipment sorted and to focus on the final fitness push. The gym sessions with Dan are really helping me feel more confident about my physical shape – I think I just need to get out on the water and see how I deal with the long days. The launch of my entry to the Length of Britain Challenge, run by Sail Scotland, is being announced at the Sail Scotland annual conference next week so hopefully that should attract more donations and interest. We are starting to build up a strong support group of followers, the difficult thing is then getting those people, and others, to donate to the causes. Despite that the total at the moment is going well with nearly ¬£5,000 before we even launch. It always seems to take ages for people to get back to you with decisions – I guess a reflection on the busy business world out there-, especially frustrating when you’ve several things you need to sort out before you can take the next step. I’m starting to feel more confident about our route planning which is really taking shape and the great advice we’ve had from ¬†fellow sailors (who have given up their precious time) is helping us avoid risk areas and giving us lots of different options. Another media appearance beckons on Monday with my first TV interview for Solent TV who are on Freeview channel 7. So it’s full steam ahead – although I’m missing the boat at the moment – lots done, lots still to do – but it’s getting warmer.